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Password Security


Creating, maintaining and remembering all your passwords can be a right royal pain in the a#se.

The No. 1 tip for better security on the internet is to use a password manager. Password managers can generate and store uncrackable passwords. They can also notify you when your accounts become vulnerable.

Lastpass is a useful and popular password manager as is dashlane. Usefully, some browsers also now have password managers built in to them.

How secure are your online passwords?

Try this password checker to discover how secure your password is.

Hackers tend to be lazy, and use computers to hack accounts, therefore, it makes perfect sense to think like a human and use easy to remember passwords, similar to the ones below.

The most secure passwords, consist of a series of concatenated random words not associated with you. 

For instance, assuming the following words are not associated with you, “theblueriverflowedthroughtheyellowfield“, would make a very difficult to hack password.

This is admittedly, quite long but, also easy to remember and, believe it or not, difficult to hack with a computer. You’ll notice that no special characters (#*!£% etc), UPPER CASE letters or numbers are used. Adding numbers and symbols will make the password even more secure however, this complicates retaining them in your memory.

According to, this password would take 12 undecillion years to, be hacked by a computer.

PS Never use qwertyuiop, this would be hacked instantly.

We definitely don’t recommend, using the same password for all your online accounts. As another example, if we wanted to use a password on this website, perhaps we would use something simpler like “essandeewebdesignisbest” which, would still take 10 trillion years to hack using a computer.

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If you qualify, Digital Ambassadors may provide their help completely free of charge. Although, at the moment they are unable to visit any homes. Digital Ambassadors funding is largely generated only by their website.

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